Hines, IL
Resurface Roads and Parking Lots

This project was a challenge because MDM was contracted to perform a multiple phased resurfacing and expansion to the Department of Veterans Affairs National Acquisition Center in Hines, IL during normal business hours without adversely affecting employee parking and without interrupting the many receiving and shipping functions that the facility undertakes. In addition to milling, resurfacing and paving works ably performed by Rabine Paving, excavating, electrical, lighting, earthwork and landscaping were performed. MDM’s crews performed all of the more than 5050 linear feet of curb work. The critical aspect of the project was the phasing with limited interruption to the shipping and receiving.

The execution of the phasing plan was interesting because we inverted the phases to accomplish more excavating and milling work in Phase 1 which left more time to complete Phases 3 and 4 where the majority of the shipping took place. Additional items that were added on the contract with minimal time extensions were multiple rail spur removals, additional 250′ of storm structure removal and replacement, and subgrade remedial work.